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PVC Roof Systems


PVC’s (Polyvinyl chloride) popularity stems from its dependable, heat-welded seams, high reflectivity, superior physical attributes.  PVC is a flexible, thermoplastic membrane manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant polyvinyl chloride that delivers a pliable and durable sheet with excellent weathering characteristics that are resistance to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants, and resistance to water, grease, fire and punctures. A unique lacquer coating is applied to the top of the membrane which gives your roof a “self cleaning” feature that resists staining from airborne dirt and pollutants.  PVC roofing membranes are the ideal long-term solution for roofs that demand high performance at a lower life cycle cost. 

Our Sika brand PVC is very durable and able to withstand the constant expansion and contraction of the building structure throughout the day, throughout its life. A properly heat-welded seam is a much better seam than a glued or taped seam. And the reason why PVC membranes are most often heat-welded at the seams is because of the strength, durability, and stability of the material. (Unlike TPO, which is very difficult to heat-weld properly because of the inferiority of the membrane's quality.)

PVC is relatively light and can be purchased in milages between 36 and 90 mils (a mil is 0.001 of an inch; 45 mils equal 0.045 inches).  The standard PVC roofing membrane is between 40 and 60 mils. Though the primary color of a PVC roofing membrane is white, it can come in a variety of colors and hues. It also has excellent resistance to bacterial growth, animal fats, as well as plant roof penetrations


PVC membranes offer the following benefits:
  • Vapor permeable
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Highly flexible
  • High mechanical strength
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Available in 7 standard colors as well as custom colors


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At Tri-County Roofing, we use only the highest quality brand name materials that guarantee you get the finest roofing systems possible.


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