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 Roof Waterproofing

Simple put, properly water proofing your home or commercial building can literally save you thousands in costly repairs.

A thorough comprehensive water proof shield over your entire roofing system will also make your roofing system last years longer than those without.

Tri-County Roofing offers free inspections and premium waterproofing products and service.  We offer comprehensive roof inspection and service to all areas of your roofing system, including the following:

Eave Protection

Eave ProtectionEave protection is a layer of felt or plastic placed under the shingles on eaves, in valleys, along ridges, at roof perimeters and at joint flashings. Eave protection is important for the performance of a roof, acting as both a waterproofing membrane and as extra protection against-ice damming. It protects the roof against ice that builds up during winter freeze/thaw cycles.



Underlayment smallUnderlayment is an integral part of a roofing system. It is not required for use under all shingles. However, it is normally used as an element of a premium roofing system, offering backup protection against leaks. Underlayment acts as secondary protection against wind driven rain and as protection from moisture prior to shingle installation. It is also mandatory under all shingles to achieve a fire resistant rating. A minimum of two layers is mandatory on low slope application.



ShinglesThe proper selection and installation of roofing materials form the basis of a well-constructed roof that ensure the shingles selected perform to their maximum capabilities. But shingles themselves do not determine the ultimate longevity of the roof. Premium shingles, with heavy-duty felt or fiberglass mats and thicker asphalt and granule coatings, provide longer life and, as a result, come with higher warranties.


Edge Treatment

Edge TreatmentFor efficient water shedding at the roof’s edge, a drip edge of vinyl or metal should be installed on the eave and rake edges. The drip edge is installed under the eave protection membrane at the eaves. Along the rake, the metal drip edge should be installed over the underlayment or eave protection.



Valley Treatment

Valley-TreatmentThis is a common spot for snow and ice buildup, especially on roofs with lower pitches. In a premium roofing system, use of roll roofing material is required over the length of the valley. Ice and water-proofing membrane rolls such as Progard ULTRA, Gripgard or Gripgard SX provide the optimum leak protection as the base for any valley construction and are critical in preventing problems with ice dams. Ice damming develops as snow on the surface of the roof melts. Water runs under the edge of the roof creating a dam. Additional snow melts forming a pool against the dam causing water to back up, often getting under the shingles.



FlashingSome of the roof’s most vulnerable areas, with the highest potential for leaks include skylights, vents, chimneys, windows, and soil stacks, making waterproofing indispensable. Once again, ice and water membrane is a superb base under layment for the flashing material.


Roof Deck

Roof-DeckMaking sure the appropriate roof deck is under the shingles you have to install is critical to ensure optimal shingle performance. The roof deck should be in good condition: dry, clean, flat, smooth and securely nailed. Plywood decks at least 1/2″ thick are best. If shingles are installed over an unacceptable roof deck, it may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Any part of the deck that is rotted or warped must be replaced.



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